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C.S.R.S. team conducted a paranormal investigation on Buck Hill Road near Round Lake, Ontario. As soon as our team arrived (40 seconds into it) we saw the infamous light coming towards our vehicle. Unfortunately we didnt not have our equipment set up in time to capture it on video... We arrived at approximatley 8:30pm and investigated from dusk until dawn. We did however capture alot of other evidence and had a profound experience that will forever change the minds of each team member. This place is not for the faint of heart...

This was energy captured entering our vehicle.

This is the entity actually looking at us through the rearview mirror. An audio recorder was left in the vehicle and an EVP was also captured saying "behind you".

This mysterious fog would appear for only seconds. The man with handlebar mustache was captured looking at us. Do you see him?

These are some of the "shadow figures" captured. This validated our suspicions when others with similar experiences also reported "Light and Dark" shadow figures appearing during their time at Buck Hill.

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