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Located across the Ottawa Valley, C.S.R.S. consists a group of highly dedicated paranormal investigators. We strive to help our clients anyway possible. A haunting can be a very scary stressful situation. Not only are you uncomfortable or freaked out about the situation but perhaps you are apprehensive to tell anyone for fear of being called crazy... YOU ARE NOT ALONE.


Paranormal activity has been recorded for centuries. During the 19th century paranormal events hit mainstream. For example séances became a  popular past time. Over the last 20 years it has developed quite a following. Television and radio shows have air time solely dedicated on the subject. Not all of the events during these shows are 100% factual. The shows are successful through ratings, therefore some production is implemented. There is also a lot of evidence captured behind the scenes that can be truly spectacular. Many devoted ghost hunters have teams of investigators willing to  investigate and document the unknown.

canadian supernatural research society, c.s.r.s.

C.S.R.S. is also devoted to investigate and document the unknown...

We want answers... For the clients, as well as the satisfaction of knowing we made a difference, and we are able to validate there in fact, is a spiritual presence. We are also not afraid to debunk a situation. Sometimes individuals tend to jump to conclusions when something unexplainable happens. When the mouse in the attic is the "real cause" of the ghostly scratching noises.


Our team does not judge or jump to any conclusions when gearing up for an investigation. There is a set of rules and regulations we stand by. RESPECT is one of them. We DO NOT provoke or antagonize.  Nor do we perform any satanic rituals.  Our main focus is to RESEARCH, INVESTIGATE and EDUCATE. We are always learning and experimenting with equipment.




~The Interview~


As soon as a person contacts us requesting an investigation, an interview is scheduled. A few members of the team will meet with the client to discuss the  events leading up to that interview.

There are a set of forms that need to be filled out and the interview is summed up in writing. If we are meeting at the location of the haunting a small baseline reading may be taken. Our investigators like to get a "feel" of the place and see what we are getting into. We also want to see hotspots where the activity takes place. Once the interview is concluded an investigation is scheduled.





~The Research~


Depending the length of time between the interview and investigation (some clients want their locations investigated as soon as possible) our resident researcher and historian gets to work  uncovering as much information as possible in hopes it will help with our investigation. Finding old newspaper articles, obituaries, surveys, historical facts etc.





~The Investigation~


The time has come. The excitement and determination to capture evidence is on each and every team member's mind.  Once arriving at the location and introductions are done, the team gets busy situating cameras, audio recorders, temperature gauges, EMF detectors etc.


A thorough baseline reading is taken with the use of EMF detectors and temperature sensors. Thus determining the amount of electromagnetic frequencies in the areas of the location. Our team usually breaks up into groups. Each group then proceeds to begin their investigations. If there are any off limits areas or unsafe areas of the location please let us know.


Each haunting is different. Therefore, each Investigator will go with the flow and try to gain communication with the spirit(s). We will go through a list of probabilities determining whether this the location is inhabited by supernatural phenomenon, and whether it is a residual haunting or an intelligent one.


There is no set time schedule within an investigation. We try to communicate for as long as possible. It takes a great deal of energy for spirit communication. Sometimes we are able to communicate for minutes and sometime hours.  It also may take a few hours to start to see and hear the otherside. Again we may walk into a location, and it make take a seconds or hours to start to hear from them. Once we have concluded our investigation we then pack up all equipment and schedule a time for a reveal with the client.







~Reviewing The Evidence~


After each investigation hours of evidence has to be reviewed. Each Investigator will review all audio, video and photo evidence. Documenting the time, specific area in which the evidence was captured and who what in the room at the time. We then put our evidence through special audio and visual computer programs to  clean up back ground noise and any cross contamination. A copy of all original evidence is kept on file. (ALL EVIDENCE IS KEPT CONFIDENTIAL UNTIL PERMISSION IS GIVEN FROM THE CLIENT)





~The Reveal~


It takes at least a week to go over all evidence and have it prepared for the client. Once it is ready, we schedule a time to get together with the client to reveal all of the evidence we captured during the investigations. All questions are answered, and a copy of all footage captured is given to the client.







Sometimes investigations can intensify paranormal activity... If you would like the activity to stop or the spirit (s) to leave the location we can perform a cleansing for you. Smudging with sage and the use of sea salt can help to settle the activity. If you wish to have this done we can perform it free of charge.






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