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canadian supernatural research society, c.s.r.s.

Katie Turner

~ Founder ~ Sensitive/Psychic/Medium ~ Lead Investigator ~


Ever since Katie was a little girl she has been sensitive to the paranormal. At 4 years old deceased family members would tuck her in at night and stand over her bed. Katie's Mom and Dad were very supportive while growing up. Encouraging her to talk about her experiences. Katie learned she was blessed with clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing), and clairessence (smell). As she grew into her teenage years it didn’t go away.


To this day, Katie is still quite sensitive. She has had to learn to work with her energies and block out a lot of unwanted entities. When Katie was 18 years old, during a family vacation, she went to the Edgar Cayce Institute in Norfolk, Virginia U.S.A. with her family and was able gain a better understanding of how Channeling works.


"I don’t advertise that I am a “sensitive” to too many people.  In my experience, most look at you as if you are from another planet. For every experience that I do have, I try to see the logical/scientific explanation if there is one first. But with my senses maturing I find it easier to filter out what I know to be paranormal and what isn't. I could tell you many experiences..."


Katie is interested in paranormal investigating because not only is it a passion, but she feels that she is able to help others. Finding answers for those who need her help.  Ultimately seeking answers of the unknown.






canadian supernatural research society, c.s.r.s.
canadian supernatural research society, c.s.r.s.
canadian supernatural research society, c.s.r.s.

Chris Hibbs

~ Investigator ~ Communications/Radio Tech ~


Chris is the comic relief of the group. Originally from Newfoundland, which has a long history of paranormal and superstition, he has a strong interest in the supernatural. Chris not only wants to find what went bump in the night, he wants to know why it did so others can be more at ease with the forces they share their surroundings with. From a young age he knew he was "sensitive" to the entities around him and has had experiences with departed family members.


Chris is willing to ask spirits to manifest physical contact and the first one to pop out a joke to break the mood when needed.


R. April Smith

~ Investigator ~ Historian/Researcher ~


Bumps in the night, movement caught in the peripheral vision, unexplainable scents.
These are phenomenon known in the spirit world as forms of communication. "Who hasn't been afraid to walk

in a cemetery after dark? Is it the eeriness of the moonlit tombstones or the unsettling quiet?" Most chalk it up to just that-mainly because we need the security of the known. Searching the unknown, our fears and insecurities must be put aside. The spirit world phenomenon has been recorded and believed in for centuries.
It's there.


Research and investigation of this world is knowledge.
Every new voice heard on EVP or voice reorder gives credence to the question as to whether spirits exist' ones that want/need to communicate.


"To that end is the reason that I have joined C.S.R.S.
C.S.R.S tries to help with the questions and experiences that people find hard to wrap their heads around.

Katie Gilbert

~ Investigator ~ Equipment Tech ~ First Aid ~


Katie grew up in Deep River and has lived most of her life around there.  She is just starting out in the paranormal investigating world.  Her first experience with the paranormal was one morning a few years ago when she was getting ready for work.  She felt something rub up against the back of her leg.  Having two cats in the house, she assumed it was one of them, but when she turned around, there wasn't anything there.  After talking to a friend, she was told that it could be a ghost cat that lives in the house.  After that, she's been more open to having other experiences and recognizing them.


“I never thought much about the afterlife or ghosts until meeting Katie Turner.  She has opened my eyes up to many things that occur daily that I never realized had something to do with it.  I'm excited to learn and experience more of the unknown.”

L.J. Neilson

~ Investigator ~ Safety Assurance ~


At a young age, I became very interested in legends, myths and lore ie Oak Island, Yeti, Bigfoot, Moth Man etc.


I have always been interested in ghost stories, so I guess I am interested in finding that validation and/or proof of the afterlife or otherside.

Jackie Smith

~ Investigator~


Growing up I was related to pychics, healers, tea leaf readers and mediums. Travelling to Lily Dale Assembly was a normal  family gathering and communication with the dead was a common thing. I soon learned that I have the same gift as my Mother does. I can touch things and then get pictures in my mind with relationto the past and or present owner of the object. As a young girl I did this over the years as a "carnival trick". As I got older I hid my gift. Until recently, my youngest daughter has started to see things and talk to people that are not there. As time goes on this has never gone away.


"I became a member of C.S.R.S. because well; this has been a normal part of life and I would like to have a better as to what and why it is happening. This will help me and help my daughter with her amazing gift."

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