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"Till Death Do Us Part-Y"


C.S.R.S. was invited to the "Till Death Do Us Part-Y" in Petawawa, Ontario. The Team set up a booth with all of the equipment they use and presented  evidence the Team captured.  People were able to see first hand how we conduct paranormal investigations.

C.S.R.S. & 401 Radio


C.S.R.S. is pleased to announce 401 Radio will be accompanying us on multiple Investigations across Ontario! We are very excited and honoured to have them as part our investigations. Tune into to hear our show! Dates and air times to follow shortly.


"Capturing The Dead"




 C.S.R.S.  presented "Halloween Haunted Weekend" at Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario. There the Team got busy introducing themselves and began a slide show and evidence reveal to the audience. It was quite a hit. With the audience very excited to talk about their own experiences.





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